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Wow, it has been a long time. *wipes off dust*

This is a trailer I made for the Dark Shadows: The Beginning collections. Sort of a preview for the beginning of the series. If you've never seen the pre-Barnabas episodes, you should definitely check out The Beginning collections. The early episodes are very underrated! Anyway, this is my first trailer, so I hope you guys enjoy it. I know I'm going to make one for Barnabas' arrival and one for 1795. I also might make one for 1897 when I get to that point in renting the DVDs. Enjoy!

Also, I know you can hear the show's background music in a couple of the voice-overs, but that really can't be helped. Just pretend it isn't there. :)

Dark Shadows is property of Dan Curtis Productions and MPI Home Video (Adding this at the video credits and here in hopes that they will lighten up and stop deleting the videos that we fans have worked so hard on. We're making these out of respect for the show, people!) Music by X-Ray Dog

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